Group members:

Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mokrousov;

Head of the Group

Dr. Frank Freimuth

Spinorbitronics effects in collinear and chiral magnets

Dr. Sumit Ghosh

Non-linear dynamics of spin systems 

Dr. Jan-Philipp Hanke

Ab-initio formalisms for Berry phase effects

Fabian Lux

Theory of magneto transport in skyrmions

Jonathan Kipp

Transport properties of topological metals

Lichuan Zhang

Topological Magnonics

Maximilian Merte

Chiral multiferroics




Dongwook Go



Former group members:

Prof. Dr. Chengwang Niu

Shandong University, China


Prof. Dr. Wanxiang Feng

Beijing Institute of Technology

Dr. Patrick Buhl

University of Mainz